Candace Owens_ 'The Kids Are the Last and Most Important Step' in the Totalitarians' Plan

Candace Owens: ‘The Kids Are the Last and Most Important Step’ in the Totalitarians’ Plan

One of the biggest challenges we face as truth-telling journalists is reaching people with the uncomfortable messages surrounding the world government’s plans for “The Great Reset” and other issues surrounding Covid-19. We are often labeled as “fringe” even when discussing some of the most obvious and demonstrable conspiracies. The push by totalitarians to use Covid-19 for acquisition of control is a perfect example.

The last couple of years have revealed that Big Tech has very little redeeming value. Sites like Facebook and Twitter were once good communication tools, but massive censorship against conservatives and Christians has rendered it limited at best. But threads like this one are the only reason some of us go back. It’s worth sifting through the junk to find treasures like this one from Candace Owens:

If you aren’t paying attention, every effort the government is making is an effort to dehumanize the population by destroying human interaction and connection. Self-check our counters everywhere, social-distancing from one another, stay away from family, and finally, masking your face forever so we no longer identify one another as individuals and human beings.

I told you at the beginning of this that the masks were never going to be temporary. Hopefully those of you who thought this was about health are now paying attention. The kids are the last and most important step: Once they sufficiently dehumanize children there is no hope for the future because children are the future. Once children believe that masking is normal and being disconnected from one another is normal, America and the west as we know it, is over.

Fight these mandates at every level tooth and nail. WITHDRAW YOUR CHILDREN FROM THESE SCHOOLS. I cannot scream this enough.

Here’s the original post for those who want to share:

They say we should follow the science. Well, the science says Covid-19 is not a considerable threat to children. The face mask and vaccine mandates will not protect them or their teachers. They are tools for indoctrination, nothing more.