Supercut_ Democrats Saying Conservatives Are the Greatest Terrorist Threat to the Country

Supercut: Democrats Saying Conservatives Are the Greatest National Security Threat to the Country

Indoctrination, propaganda, and gaslighting are three tools used by those who know their narrative is false but need it believed in anyway. Wielded properly, each can be very effective at convincing people that what their own eyes, ears, and minds tell them are not aligned with reality.

Modern day Democrats are using all three tools simultaneously to convince America that “domestic terrorism” from “white supremacists” is the greatest threat the nation faces. Of course, they use phrases like “white supremacists” or “January 6 insurrectionists,” but what they’re really portraying in their message is that America First conservatives and populists are the real threat.

Listen to them for yourself…

The funniest line, at least for me, is when Senator Dick Durbin says, “Let’s stop pretending that the threat of Antifa is equivalent to the white supremacist threat.”

He’s right! There is no comparison. Antifa is an exponentially bigger threat to this nation, as we’ve seen them through their daily activities of intimidation, violence, and fascism. But I don’t think that’s what Durbin meant.

The Democrats’ narrative about domestic terrorism is indoctrination, propaganda, and gaslighting at the same time. But the worst part isn’t that they’re saying these things ignorantly. It’s that they know they’re lying in unison and they don’t care.