Alleged Jan 6 FBI Informant Ray Epps Confronted by Journalists

Likely Jan 6 FBI Informant Ray Epps Confronted by Journalists

Either Ray Epps is the most clueless, counterproductive patriot in history or he’s working for the Deep State to take down Trump supporters. There’s really no other conclusion possible based on the slew of videos that have been coming out, including a starring role in the opening of Nancy Pelosi’s video shown during the second impeachment hearings.

Many want to know which one it is, so a couple of journalists from Pure Politics went to him and asked.

“Are you still under investigation by the FBI?” one reporter asked.

The cameraman then asked, “Are you a federal informant?”

Epps simply drove away.

Clearly, the man who tried to position himself as a leader and instigator in the so-called January 6 “insurrection” isn’t so patriotic anymore. He’s not interested in talking to anyone who actually loves this country and hates seeing it being destroyed from within.

Mainstream media won’t acknowledge an ounce of the mountains of evidence that the “insurrection” was instigated BY the Deep State in an effort to suppress patriots and take attention away from the stolen 2020 election. But every day we get closer to the truth despite their silence.

Is this further proof that he was a Federal Bureau of Investigations plant? Do we really need much more evidence? Comparing his actions to provoke parading through the Capitol Building to the minimal actions of people who are currently charged, jailed, or convicted, it’s conspicuously that Ray Epps is on his golf cart living as a free man.