Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller Makes a Solid Case for Impeachments Over the Manufactured Border Invasion

(Discern TV)—Former Trump aide Stephen Miller has always been among the most logical and eloquent border hawks in modern conservative politics. He helped guide the policies that drastically reduced the number of illegal aliens crossing into the nation. Now, he has a different reason to be the ultimate border hawk.

When the Colorado Supreme Court declared Trump was ineligible to be on the primary ballot, Miller suggesting charging Biden with “insurrection” over his border policy.

As we noted from his Tweet yesterday:

Conservative officials must respond to the assault on Democracy in Colorado by removing Biden from the ballot for leading and engineering the insurrection on the border — a crime against the Constitution of such magnitude it defies comparison.

Now, he has penned a more detailed plan to take down Joe Biden as an insurrection by removing him from the ballot and impeaching him. For good measure, he included DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for good measure:


Joe Biden has an inviolable legal, moral and constitutional duty to defend our border — and to deter, detain and deport those who violate it.

Biden has willfully and lawlessly abrogated that duty and instead implemented, by choice and design, the largest resettlement scheme in the history of the world: mass relocating and releasing MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of illegals into our cities at an immeasurable cost in human suffering and human lives.

Child trafficking. Labor trafficking. Sex trafficking. The vilest abuse at an industrial scale. Torment and torture. Modern-day slavery.

Communities bankrupted. Hospitals drowning. Towns besieged. Police incapacitated. Schools overrun. Our children’s education shipwrecked. Our nation’s finances drained dry.

Drug overdoses. Fentanyl deaths. Gangland executions. One preventable crime, one preventable assault, one preventable murder after another — all perpetrated by those who have no right whatsoever to be here.

Criminal trespassers escorted into our neighborhoods by our own government with our own taxpayer dollars.

Our border nullified. Our immigration laws suspended. Our sovereignty terminated. Our social fabric rended and unraveled. Our asylum system corrupted and disfigured beyond recognition.

Citizens robbed, trampled, disenfranchised.

Cartels enriched, emboldened, empowered.

An endless nightmare train of indignity and horror.

All engineered and orchestrated by the criminal regime at 1600 Penn.

An Administration without conscience. Without remorse. Without a twinge of human regret for the death and devastation they have wrought.

The temples of our laws smashed and broken. The citadel of human achievement now a squalid refugee camp.

Our Constitution discarded. Our Republic lowered into the deepest state of humiliation.

The choice now is to love America or lose it forever.

Remove Biden from the ballot for leading this deadly insurrection.

Impeach him. Impeach Mayorkas. Make all appropriate criminal referrals to DOJ.

Defund all releases of illegals. Prohibit all further resettlement. Vote all day, every day, if that is what it takes to expose the Democrats’ total, radical and unrelenting complicity in this monstrous conspiracy against this nation and its people.

For there is not nearly so much time as you think. The hour is late.

Again, I endorse this plan 100%.