Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller Has a Suggestion for Conservatives in Colorado and They Should Strongly Consider It

Apparently, unprosecuted insurrection is grounds for removal from a primary ballot. Colorado’s Supreme Court made that decision yesterday when they prohibited Donald Trump from being on the ballot in a move that many are calling unambiguous judicial election interference.

For now, it stands. The Supreme Court will likely overturn the ludicrous decision, but if we’ve learned anything in the last few years it’s that nothing should be taken for granted. If the left is willing to play dirty, the right must do the same.

Former Trump aide Stephen Miller has an idea that would flip the “insurrection” move being used against Trump. As he noted on Twitter:

Conservative officials must respond to the assault on Democracy in Colorado by removing Biden from the ballot for leading and engineering the insurrection on the border — a crime against the Constitution of such magnitude it defies comparison.

There are three reasons why this off-the-cuff concept actually has legs. First and foremost, it’s true that the border crisis created by the Biden-Harris regime is an engineered insurrection. Second, taking Miller’s advice would help to shine a light on the lunacy of lawfare being used in this presidential election cycle. Third, we need to demonstrate to the left that we’re willing to go as far if not farther than they go in their attempts to exert their electoral will.

Then, there’s the benefit that’s not election-related. Even though a majority of Americans are recognizing the disaster of our open borders, it needs to be reiterated and hammered home. Drawing more attention to the border insurrection should be an ongoing move by conservatives in both an effort to stop it as well as a highlight of the inefficacy of Democrat policies.

I wholeheartedly support Miller’s suggestion.