_Vaccine_ Fail_ Today Marks the Highest Reported Covid Case Since the Plandemic Began

Spike in “Unexplained” Deaths Has New Brunswick Officials Looking at Everything Other Than the Obvious

It’s no surprise that the word “vaccine” is nowhere to be found in an article or the accompanying government report in New Brunswick, Canada, where a “mysterious” spike in deaths occurred conspicuously around the time the Covid jabs were being pushed the hardest. We’ve grown accustomed to Adverse Reaction Denial because Pandemic Panic Theater forbids official sources and corporate media outlets from saying anything ill about the jabs.

Even as people die, the powers-that-be will never acknowledge the real cause of their deaths.

In New Brunswick, there was an astonishing 22% spike in excess deaths above and beyond what was expected. There have been 636 excess deaths during the 20-week period. Covid was only attributed to 79 deaths in the same time period. According to CBC.ca:

On Wednesday, Health Minister Dorothy Shephard told the legislature she does not know why deaths jumped so high, but said she doubts it was caused by undetected COVID cases.

“We have been extremely transparent with our COVID-19 numbers and our COVID-19 deaths,” Shephard said during question period.  “I cannot explain those numbers at this actual moment, but the department has been asked to look at it, and it will do so as we progress through our evaluations.”

In an ongoing study of what it calls “provisional death counts and excess mortality” related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Statistics Canada reported new figures this week. The figures show that beginning the week of July 17, 2021, and extending through the week of Nov. 27, New Brunswick experienced 636 more deaths than would normally be expected to occur in that period. 

Excess deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic are believed to be connected to the effects of the virus circulating in the community, although the exact links to individual deaths are not necessarily known.

That final sentence in the article would be comical if it wasn’t so sad. Essentially what they’re saying is that Covid didn’t cause the deaths but Covid likely caused the deaths. It’s ludicrous, but that’s what we get in the age of Pandemic Panic Theater.

Any logical and uncompromised government health official would easily connect Covid jabs to the excess deaths timeframe is so glaring. But the days of logical and uncompromised healthcare officials are long gone, replaced by Big Pharma shills and devotees of The Great Reset.