Baby Formula

“Equity” Hits the Biden Baby Formula Crisis as Government-Dependent Families Get Access to More

The welfare state in the United States has often been rightly linked to the perpetuation of poverty in a nation with abundant opportunity. We should be compassionate for those truly in need while deriding those who maliciously take advantage of the system. Most importantly, we must not encourage government dependency as a way of life in America.

The tenets of “equity” dictate that those who are most dependent should be given more access to products and services than those who are self-sufficient. We’re seeing this happening on multiple fronts in the current baby formula crisis as governments and retailers allow special treatment for those who are allegedly in greater need. For example, pallets of baby formula were rushed to the border for illegal aliens while American citizens were getting shafted.

Now, we’re seeing it happening at retailers who are offering special treatment to those making their purchases with government assistance:

To be clear, there are circumstance in which preferential treatment for those in greater need is acceptable. This is not one of them. With the specialized needs that babies have in their diets, any child who requires formula is in equal need regardless of the financial status of their family. Reduced supply affects wealthy families just as much as it affects poor families, so allowing one group to have access to more is destructive equity, not equality.

This is the Neo-Marxist, government-dependent world that the Biden regime and the globalist elites are creating. Some say Build Back Better isn’t working. In reality, it’s doing EXACTLY what they intended.