Kim Foxx Jussie Smollett

Soros-Funded Chicago Prosecutor Whines About Jussie Smollett Conviction, Somehow Makes it About Black Women Being Victimized

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx may be as upset by the conviction of Jussie Smollett as Smollett himself. She backed him. She defended him. She covered for him. And when none of her efforts were enough to keep him from facing justice, she took to the op-ed page of the Chicago Sun Times to manipulate her city into thinking they’ve been victimized by his righteous conviction.

The entire piece can be used as a case study in gaslighting and false righteousness. She downplayed the dangerous actions of Smollett as just a “hoax,” disregarding the fact that he tried to fuel a race war that could have resulted in massive violence had his crime not been discovered so quickly. What’s worse is that he was not operating under some misguided desire for social justice, as so many hoaxers claim. Smollett was itching for a raise and job security with his lucrative Hollywood gig, so he falsified a crime to make it look like racist supporters of a sitting president targeted him over the color of his skin.

But one wouldn’t get any of these details from Foxx’s op-ed. Instead, anyone unfamiliar with the case would come away thinking it was a miscarriage of justice that wasted taxpayer money and forced victims of violent crimes to be neglected. This is nowhere near the truth. If anything, this case and the conviction itself demonstrated that there is hope in Democrat hellhole Chicago for justice to be served, even against those with power like Jussie Smollett.

Here’s an excerpt from her op-ed in which she tries to paint unrelated people as victims of Smollett’s trial:

Just because we do not like the outcome should not mean we bully prosecutors and circumvent the judicial process to get it changed. Smollett was indicted, tried and convicted by a kangaroo prosecution in a matter of months. Meanwhile, the families of more than 50 Black women murdered in Chicago over the last 20 years await justice.

Smollett’s trial in 2022 did not hamper the system from delivering justice to families of women murdered in 2002. In fact, his trial has not hampered the pursuit of justice for murder victims this year. As she noted, it was a special prosecutor with a separate budget who was assigned to the Smollett case. The judge wanted to make absolutely certain that what Foxx claims happened could never actually happen.

Of course, she also declines to acknowledge that any failures of achieving justice for the women she mentioned lands more on Foxx’s shoulders than anyone else in the system today. She’s the top prosecutor in the jurisdiction. Nobody is more responsible for justice not being served than her. But as Soros-trained prosecutors often do, she deflected her own failures by pretending like the county’s State’s Attorney is not actually responsible for failure to secure prosecutions.

Kim Foxx is an Obama favorite and a Soros puppet for a reason. She’s adept at building a narrative around race and reform but she’s willfully inept at prosecuting criminals. Those are the qualities that endear her to Obama and Soros.