Louie Gohmert

Exclusive: Louie Gohmert Debunks Biden Regime Narrative That Unleashing American Energy Would Take a Decade to Make an Impact

With gas prices skyrocketing, many on the right and even some on the left are calling on the Biden-Harris regime to open up America’s ability to produce our own energy from resources we have at home. They’ve balked, claiming falsely that it would take too long for that to have an impact. They’re banking on ignorance.

Congressman Louie Gohmert knows a thing or two about domestic energy production. We had an excellent conversation about that and other topics on today’s episode of The Midnight Sentinel.

“Some say, ‘well it will take ten years if we start going back to where we were, where you would feel that.’ And that’s not true. You know enough about the market,” he said.

Congressman Gohmert is correct. The Biden regime’s narrative that it would take a long time is disingenuous because they, like many Americans, are fully aware of how the energy markets work. Unfortunately, Democrats are banking on the lack of knowledge of those Americans who might believe their excuses are viable.

“The market reacts to news,” he said.

He rightly claimed that if Biden made a sincere announcement about pushing American energy and the energy companies believed this was long-term, the prices would drop instantly. Gas prices, for example, are not based on the actual cost of oil that has been purchased for sale. They fluctuate on a real-time scale even as we purchase gasoline that was bought months or even years earlier. News of the Biden regime unleashing our energy potential would move prices down fairly rapidly.

Knowing this, the question I had next for Congressman Gohmert was why they wouldn’t do it? Are they quietly pleased that gas prices are skyrocketing so they can usher in their Green New Deal? He said that they are not even being quiet about it. They’re openly acknowledging that the suffering of the people today is for their own good because a green future is going to be forced upon us whether we want it or not.

We also discussed Ukraine and the time he has spent there in the latest episode of The Midnight Sentinel. It was one of my most truly enjoyable interviews as no politician is more direct and forthcoming as Congressman Gohmert.