Austria's Upcoming Segregated Society Will Be an Opportunity to Prove Vaccines Don't Work

Silver Lining: Austria’s Upcoming Segregated Society Will Be an Opportunity to Prove “Vaccines” Don’t Work

The unvaccinated in Austria are hurting. Their third Chancellor in two months, Karl Nehammer, confirmed today that he’s moving forward with plans to end their draconian lockdown next week for the “vaccinated” only.

This is sad news for a population that has already seen their freedoms limited as Austria leads the way down the path to full-blown medical tyranny. They will be imposing fines on the unvaccinated starting next February.

There is a potential silver lining to all of this. The lockdowns, which began on November 22, proved to be effective at slowing the spread of Covid. New cases were nearly cut in half. Granted, they caused further economic turmoil and hardship to “protect” the population from a disease that barely registers as a serious threat to the vast majority of the population, but at least a few hundred more people didn’t get the equivalent of a tough flu during that time period.

With the country opening back up for the “vaccinated” only, we could see some fresh data pointing to the oft-demonstrated notion that the jabs simply do not work at preventing the disease. Despite the fact that this has been acknowledged by the CDC, WHO, and other medical organizations, mandates continue to rear their ugly head.

By segregating the Austrian society, we will very likely see that the newly “free” jabbed folks start spreading the disease again. If there’s a Covid spike that follows the release of the vaccinated back into society, this should act as (more) undeniable proof the vaccine mandates are pointless because the drugs do not slow the spread.

It wouldn’t even register as a consolation prize for the unvaccinated in Austria… unless the data can prompt a reversal of their upcoming mandate. That will only happen if they’re watching the data and getting the word out. Since it behooves Americans to spread such truth as well before our own mandates ramp up even further, we will be watching closely and reporting if the anticipated spike does happen.