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Roger Stone Has a Theory About Why the Durham Report Took So Long to Be Released

The dropping of multiple bombshells found in the 300-page Durham Report on Russiagate seems like it could have happened long ago. In fact, there appears to be nothing new added to conclusions that were made over a year ago. Why, then, did John Durham wait so long to release the information?

Roger Stone thinks he knows the answer:

Why did John Durham slow roll his investigation until the 5 years statue of limitation’s had run out, so that no one will be prosecuted for the CRIMES he documented?

It makes sense. The Deep State isn’t in the business of sacrificing any of their own unless absolutely necessary. Think what you will about Durham, but he was at least influenced by the Deep State if not fully compromised. The revelations he dropped will result in exactly nothing of consequence. It’s just fodder to keep patriots from focusing on the border crisis or any other existential threats we’re currently facing.

But as “Barbara” noted in reply to Stone, there’s one charge that doesn’t have a statute of limitation:

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