🔥 Gen. Michael Flynn Nails Sen. Josh Hawley for Ranting on Fox News Instead of Doing Something 🔥

Things are bad enough when the Uniparty Swamp pretends to work for the American people when they’re actually working for their puppet masters in the Deep State and the globalist elite cabal. It’s far worse when one of the good guys succumbs to their big-words-no-action tactics, especially when they do it on controlled opposition outlets like Fox News.

Senator Josh Hawley is one of the few decent guys in the Senate, but he seems more inclined to talk about what he wants to do rather than doing it lately. General Michael Flynn took note and called him out for it.

You know @SenatorHawleyMO I use to see you as one of the good guys but like so many other WDC political class insiders, you talk a good game but still nothing happens. Do something! Demand something! Stop funding this government into our demise! Stop all nominations! Tell your Governor to nullify and stop following all unconstitutional laws, regulations and other extreme rqmts coming out of this WH! We are about to lose our country and going on Fox News fixes nothing!!!

Even without a majority in the Senate, individual Republicans can still do something. They don’t need Mitch McConnell’s permission or Chuck Schumer’s blessing. Josh Hawley knows this. He also knows Fox News is the top destination for patriots who don’t mind getting distracted and misdirected from taking action.