Resurfaced Clip of Gruesome Newsom Demonstrates His 'American Psycho' Vibe

Resurfaced Clip of Gruesome Newsom Demonstrates His ‘American Psycho’ Vibe

Ever since before he was elected Governor of California, I’ve had a very specific complaint about Gavin Newsom. His entire political career has been marked by two fundamental realities: He’s exceptionally good at winning elections and among the worst this nation has ever seen when it comes to being a leader.

His policy promises resonate through his perfect smile and smooth voice. When put into practice, his policies are complete and utter disasters. He took a thrive San Francisco and turned it into the third-world city we see today. He took on some of the biggest projects as Lt. Governor and proceeded to butcher literally every single one of them. The fact that he’s in the Governor’s office is proof-positive that Americans, particularly Californians, pay more attention to aesthetic and personality than character or effectiveness.

A resurfaced video from an interview during his time spent destroying San Francisco has many commenting on the “American Psycho” vibe he puts on display. He is clearly uncomfortable and defensive, trying to chuckle his way through tough questions in the aftermath of a string of public relations failures.

Newsom faces a recall election next month. Dozens of Republicans and a handful of other party candidates are vying to replace him. There are two questions on the ballot: Should Newsom be removed from office and who should replace him? The second question only comes into play if a majority vote to recall Newsom. If that happens, the candidate with a plurality in the second question will be the next California governor.

In a sane world, Gavin Newsom would never have made it to the governor’s mansion. But this is California, which is why recalling this epic failure of a leader will require full effort from those who know the truth about him.