Fully 'Vaccinated' Jesse and Jacqueline Jackson Hospitalized with Covid-19

Fully ‘Vaccinated’ Jesse Jackson and His Wife Jacqueline Hospitalized with Covid-19

Are the Covid-19 shots weakening much faster than anticipated? Are the variants of the disease that are emerging impervious to the injections? Was it all just a scam from the beginning to placate the world and force experimental drugs and spike proteins into the bodies of the masses? At this point, it seems as if any of these possibilities are likely. What has been essentially debunked is the promise that the Covid-19 “vaccines” would protect people and bring about normalcy.

We know this despite government, mainstream media, academia, Big Tech, and vaccine nannies everywhere pretending otherwise because of the constant statistics and anecdotal reports demonstrating the inefficacy of the “vaccines.” The latest high-profile report has former Democratic presidential candidate Jesse Jackson, 79, and his wife Jacqueline, 77, being admitted to the hospital for Covid-19.

Both were vaccinated. Jesse Jackson was one of the first high-profile recipients of the shots, having made a public display of his January injections. According to MSN:

Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson and his wife, Jacqueline, have tested positive for COVID-19, and are being treated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

According to a statement from the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, which Rev. Jackson founded, “doctors are currently monitoring the condition of both.”

Rev. Jackson, 79, was vaccinated in January, and at the time encouraged other elderly people to get their shots.

How many public figures who have received the jabs need to get sick before more people start questioning the efficacy of these experimental drugs?