Alexa Lavoie

Rebel News Reporter Assaulted by Ottawa Police, Plus Live Protest Coverage

A reporter for Rebel News covering the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa today was struck multiple times by police. According to Rebel News:

As police and “Freedom Convoy” demonstrators faced off in downtown Ottawa on early Saturday morning, police turned physical towards the protest line, deploying riot suppression devices and striking multiple protesters.

On Saturday, the gridlock continued as police, who formed a line in front of the protesters, attempted to push back against demonstrators gathered at the city center. Amid loud pops, Rebel News’s Quebec-based reporter Alexa Lavoie was directly hit by police during the melee, injuring her.

Prior to the melee, at least two police officers can be seen accidentally dropping some of their less-lethal firearms and attempting to pick them back up as other officers push back the line.

Here is the livestream of the protest: