Ottawa Police Pepper Spray

Ottawa Police Declare They Won’t Use Tear Gas Just Before Hitting Protesters with Stun Grenades and Pepper Spray

Justin Trudeau lost the narrative last week. Now, Ottawa Police have joined him in obliterating their own credibility and making the best case possible for an end to the rising police state in western nations across the globe.

Ottawa Police officials announced they would not be using tear gas on peaceful protesters despite the presence of these crowd control weapons on the streets this morning. Instead, they used pepper spray and stun grenades, a combination that is far more damaging to their victims.

According to Reuters:

Canadian police on Saturday used pepper spray and stun grenades in a final push to clear the capital of trucks and demonstrators who have occupied the downtown core of Ottawa for more than three weeks to protest against pandemic restrictions.

After clearing a portion of the blockade and making more than 100 arrests on Friday, 47 more arrests were made on Saturday morning as police moved quickly to disperse the main portion of the blockade in front of parliament and the prime minister’s office.

“We told you to leave. We gave you time to leave. We were slow and methodical, yet you were assaultive and aggressive with officers,” police said in a statement to the truckers posted on Twitter. Police used loudspeakers to warn the crowd to disperse or face arrest.

Protest organizers for the so-called Freedom Convoy said they had asked trucks to withdraw because of heavy-handed police tactics, and many trucks did exit the downtown core on Saturday. Thirty-eight vehicles have been towed, police said.

Officers smashed vehicle windows to arrest people locked inside, but the overall number of protesters has dwindled dramatically compared with previous days, with a couple hundred remaining near the advancing police cordon.

Forcing people to get injected with an experimental drug is unlawful and the police in western nations should act against those perpetrating the crime. Instead, most are “just following orders” and attacking people fighting for freedom.