Rand Paul Wants SCOTUS Leaker Found by Using Lie Detector Test

It’s not a horrible idea. It may not be effective in a court of law and any dismissal will be challenged in lawsuits, but Senator Rand Paul’s idea to sniff out the person who leaked the draft majority opinion regarding Roe v. Wade may be the only way to learn the truth.

According to The Daily Mail:

  • The Kentucky Republican accused whoever was behind a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion overturning abortion rights of trying to foment political violence
  • Paul also called for protesters outside of justices’ houses to be arrested
  • Earlier this month someone leaked a draft Supreme Court opinion indicating the conservative majority may overturn landmark case Roe v. Wade
  • It’s inspired protests on both sides of the aisle, with progressives ratcheting up the demonstrations to appear outside conservative justices’ homes
  • The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly also preparing for increased political violence in the wake of the final opinion, which is expected in June

Chief Justice John Roberts has said an investigation is underway. But considering the Department of Justice doesn’t have a strong track record in recent years of investigating anything other than concerned parents at school boards and January 6 mostly peaceful protesters, few have hopes that they’ll find the culprit in the leak.