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Pope Francis Is a Marxist and a Globalist of the New World Order

A very detailed article by Frank De Varona over at Liberty Sentinel breaks down with authority why it’s safe to say Pope Francis is a full-blown Marxist. This isn’t a secret by any means, but it’s often challenging to break through the intellectual barriers put up by millions around the world as they regard the Pope. Many of his fellow Neo-Marxists deny his affiliation with their ideology because they often adamantly oppose organized religious, which is odd since they full embrace the religion of Climate Change Cultism.

Within the Catholic Church itself, many otherwise lucid members put on blinders regarding the Pope because they believe his teachings and leadership cannot be anti-Biblical since he was chosen by God to lead the church.

I’m posting this as a commentary for The JD Rucker Show because it’s not only relevant at a time when globalism is rising, but also because Pope Francis represents a possible connection to the Biblical end times.

Here is a portion of the conclusion from the article at Liberty Sentinel:

The pontiff’s attacks on those who worship the “God of money,” or the “idolatry of money” shows the Pope’s ignorance about free markets having lived his entire life in Argentina, a country that has never implemented capitalism properly. The “savage capitalist system”, an “economy that kills”, and “idolatry of money” that the Pope constantly condemns, is the only solution to end poverty and hunger in the world. Capitalism, when properly implemented, has brought millions of people out of poverty. Socialism and communism that the Pope supports not only have brought the killing of millions, but also hunger, misery and increased poverty.

There are an increasing number of critics in Wall Street, the Tea Party, conservative media, and religious figures who have slammed Pope Francis as a poorly camouflaged Marxist. There are many disaffected U.S. bishops, priests and parishioners who complain that the Pope has not given them enough support against the Biden regime over infanticide, abortion, gender ideology and gay marriage.

Many Catholics in the United States and around the world are not aware that the Vatican has been infiltrated by communists. However, despite the cover-up by many cardinals, bishops and priests in the United States and other countries of the world, the truth will eventually come to light. Pope Francis is undermining the Catholic doctrine and will create a split in the Catholic Church among the anti-Communist favoring free-market economics.

We should all pray to God that the communists are expelled from the Holy See. Pope Paul VI once said, “The smoke of Satan has entered through some crack in the Temple of God. We need to pray to God that the Devil’s smoke of Marxism is forever expelled from the Holy See!”

There is very little that could be argued against in that conclusion.

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