Alex Stein Baylor Hospital

A Different Side of Alex Stein: “They Murdered My Mom Right in Front of My Face”

Most of our readers are very familiar with conservative comedian Alex Stein. He’s absolutely hilarious with his antics that he takes directly to the various leftists such as beta male “Destiny,” the Plano City Council, RINO Dan Crenshaw, or Vice reporter Tess Owen. But before he really hit the scene in 2022, Stein went through a very traumatic experience.

On October 21, 2021, his mother died at Baylor University Hospital. According to Stein, she died because the hospital went through their standard Covid protocols despite the fact that he and his mother specifically forbade the use of Remdesivir. They gave it to her anyway and she died.

In a heartbreaking interview with One America News, Stein revealed a side to him that most haven’t seen. He says his experiences in 2021 are part of the reason he has become one of the most driven members of conservative media in his quest to expose the lunacy of the radical left. Watch:

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