The Plan to Put Bathhouse Barry Obama Back in the White House

(WND)—Talk is heating up again about “Big Mike” Obama being the Democrats’ choice to replace Joey the Scapegoat when they finally pull the plug on his sham presidency. Arguments against that possibility always seem to focus on Michelle’s glaring lack of qualifications, but they miss the point that that IS the point – everyone will know that it’s all a charade to put Barack back in the White House (in person this time and not via his drooling avatar, Joe.) It also won’t hurt “her” chances among the Groomer generation of Dem voters that the Joan Rivers “curse” still casts transgender shade on the former first lady. BUT her true role in 2024 would be as Barack’s shoehorn past the Constitution – and the more obvious that strategy is, the better the Dem turnout will be (the actual turnout, not the true blue cemetery vote that’s always 100%).

If they were to be honest in their political ads (ha!), they’d come right out and say it: “A vote for Michelle is a vote for Barack, the only Democrat with a realistic chance of beating Donald Trump.”

I’ve always recognized that Joe Biden was Obama’s puppet, moved into front-runner status as the best of bad options after Trump creamed the entire field of Dem primary candidates in February of 2020, including the designated winner, Pocahontas Warren. I predicted Biden would get the nomination just a few hours after the Democratic Primary debacle that blatantly cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination – for the second time! – the first time in 2016 triggering Bernie-Bot Seth Rich to give the establishment Dem secrets to Wikileaks, which led to his assassination, presumably by the Clintons.

The Purple Uniparty knew it was in for big, unavoidable trouble by resorting to a coup to prevent Trump from fulfilling the second term he would and did clearly win by right in 2020. They needed not just to put a fully loyal placeholder in the White House, they needed someone to take the fall for all the foreseeable and unforeseeable disasters that would follow. Joe Biden neatly fit the bill – being as criminally liable for scandal and jail time as any of his fellow Ukraine profiteers would be under a wised-up Trump Justice Department – and being then in the early stages of some form of obvious cognitive decline. When that brain condition fully ripened (for real or by staged exaggeration) he would become the perfect patsy for all the evils his regime would have foisted on the American people (at Barack’s direction). Further, his “diminished capacity” would provide a fail-safe defense to prosecution. He’d skate away smoother than Ray Epps for crimes infinitely worse, carrying all the blame for all the crimes right off with him into the nursing home.

I first started publicly detailing my conspiracy theory, and Barack Obama’s role in it, back in August of 2021 in my article “Afghanistan and the Obama Birthday-Bash Head Fake.” In that first iteration, I showed how the Kabul hostage crisis mirrored Clinton’s staged but botched Benghazi crisis and how that event could open a path for Obama’s return to the White House. It didn’t, but the analysis of its potentiality was and is still sound.

In my WND column of Oct. 25, 2021, I went further and predicted a scenario through which Biden could be removed with the least damage to the Democratic Party, writing, “I’ve long predicted that Joe will be the scapegoat for whatever goes wrong. Obama himself pretty much telegraphed Biden’s usefulness as a scapegoat. As quoted in Politico during the primary, ‘One Democrat who spoke to Obama recalled the former president warning, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up.”‘” Quite a useful trait and personal history for a patsy candidate, eh?

That scenario involved a creative reading of the 22nd Amendment, about which I wrote: “Obama [would] be called out of retirement and retake the world stage … returning [him] to the White House by whatever sequence of resignation, appointments and resignations would best work to retire Biden, minimize a Harris presidency, and place Obama back on the throne. All accompanied by a unified chorus of legal experts and media pundits spinning a new interpretation of the 22nd Amendment regarding presidential term limits (e.g. it only limits ‘two elections’ after all – not an appointment to VP by Harris, followed by her resignation and reappointment to VP by Obama). That battle would most certainly go to the Supreme Court, where, conveniently, Obama’s main man John Roberts (the guy who killed all the pro-Trump election fraud lawsuits) is still chief justice.”

On May 6, 2022, I published my article “The how and when of a Biden resignation” in which I predicted the controlling powers would stage a Biden “stroke” as the most effective method for removing him quickly and smoothly without any public expectation of any public statements by Biden himself. He would become an immediate object of national sympathy, whose tragedy could be fully milked for its political value, including painting the MAGA movement as heartless brutes for the inevitable expressions of (at minimum) relief from many quarters. I still expect that will be their go-to exit strategy when the time comes.

Now that we’ve turned the corner into 2024, I’m carrying all the factors in my past analyses forward and acknowledging that the most likely scenario for getting Barack Obama physically back into the White House is a Michelle Obama candidacy. The other scenarios are not dead, just slightly diminished in probability.

However, it just might be that the Michelle run is being floated as a fall-back plan to the end-run-past-the-22nd-Amendment scenario. If they stroked out Biden long enough before the Primary, they would have time to politically recover if the Supreme Court blocked Obama from replacing Biden directly. And, frankly, that lawfare effort could actually bolster the fall-back plan by making the Michelle campaign a more obvious work-around to put Barack back in de facto power.

One way or another, the elites are going to do whatever it takes to prevent Trump from getting back into the White House. But just as important to them, is that Barack Obama remains the head of the deep-state snake. Time will soon tell what God will allow as a result of this cultural war, but one thing is certain: The process is going to be intense for this nation, perhaps more than at any time since the Revolution that birthed us.

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