Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin Joins Growing List of Grateful-To-Be-Vaxxed Breakthrough Cases

Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin Joins Growing List of Grateful-To-Be-Vaxxed Breakthrough Cases

There’s a narrative forming among “fully-vaccinated” celebrities who get Covid-19. They’re almost always “grateful” or “lucky” or otherwise pleased that they took a vaccine that didn’t actually protect them but at least they’re less likely to be hospitalized by it. Or so we’re told.

The stories about these breakthrough cases invariably take the opportunity to highlight certain propagandized talking points. They always claim breakthrough cases are rare, which they are not (though we wouldn’t know since the CDC stopped tracking them). They always claim that even though the vaccines don’t stop the disease, they do mitigate symptoms and keep people out of the hospital. Tell that to Oscar De La Hoya.

The latest iteration of Covid-positive celebrities grateful to be vaxxed is Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin. According to a very biased report from Yahoo! News:

Kiffin — who is fully vaccinated — tested positive for a breakthrough case of the virus. He said he was “grateful to be vaccinated,” and stated he was only experiencing mild symptoms from the virus.

Ole Miss will travel to Atlanta to take on Louisville on Labor Day.

Ole Miss has 100 percent vaccination rate

Kiffin added that the team has no other positives. He applauded the team’s “commitment to vaccination” for preventing a team-wide spread. In August, Kiffin announced the football team had a 100 percent COVID-19 vaccination rate

Being fully vaccinated doesn’t guarantee an individual won’t test positive for the virus. Breakthrough cases — like Kiffin’s — are rare, but possible. Being vaccinated does prevent an individual from experiencing severe symptoms of the virus. Since May, only 1 in 100,000 breakthrough COVID-19 cases resulted in hospitalization, according to the New York Times.

That last piece of propaganda from the NY Times is a bald-faced lie with regurgitated talking points from the CDC. The study absolutely murders the numbers to drive their agenda. It contradicts itself throughout, including a very conspicuous oddity. If only 1 in 100,000 breakthrough cases result in hospitalization, how does the study account for 24 deaths out of 10,895 “fully-vaccinated” cases? Again, this is from the same study, but as the CDC is wont to do, they cherry-pick the data points to highlight and then buried the actual numbers in charts that most people won’t read.

Celebrities are being used to promote the pro-vaxx agenda. Even as the vaccines fail to protect them from the disease, they cheerfully proclaim that failure is success. They might as well say freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.