Two Sports Legends Just Came Down With Covid — Both Were 'Fully-Vaccinated'

Two Sports Legends Just Came Down With Covid — Both Were ‘Fully-Vaccinated’

It seems nearly every day we hear stories of celebrities who test Covid-positive. Invariably, they are surrounded by people who are “fully-vaccinated” yet seem to have no protection against the disease. Invariably, they are “fully-vaccinated” themselves.

The latest round of celebrities getting the bad news includes two sports legends, boxing Hall of Famer Oscar De La Hoya and baseball Hall of Famer Johnny Bench.

According to CBS Sports:

Boxing Hall of Famer Oscar De La Hoya has been forced to withdraw from his Sept. 11 return from a 13-year retirement after testing positive for COVID-19.

De La Hoya, 47, confirmed the original report from TMZ on Friday by posting a video on social media from his hospital bed. “The Golden Boy,” who wrote on Twitter that he is fully vaccinated, was scheduled to box former UFC champion Vitor Belfort in an eight-round bout (featuring two-minute rounds) in the main event of a Triller Fight Club pay-per-view at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

“I mean, what are the chances of me getting COVID,” a dejected De La Hoya said in the video. “I have been taking care of myself. This really, really kicked my ass”

As for Bench, the former catcher and television star will miss the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Instead of being dejected like De La Hoya, Bench chose to spin it as if it would have been worse if he didn’t get vaxxed.

This has been the common theme coming out of most medical circles. The same people who used to tell us to get vaccinated so we won’t catch Covid-19 are now saying we should get vaccinated knowing that we’re just as likely to catch Covid-19 but the symptoms will be reduced. That, folks, is not a vaccine. It’s a treatment, and there are far better treatments than the jabs. One particular “horse dewormer” comes to mind.

Breakthrough cases have become so common, the CDC isn’t even tracking them. Why? Because if the people knew the real numbers, they’d start questioning the efficacy of the jabs altogether.