NYC Officials Whine About 1,500 Illegal Aliens Bused in From Texas After Supporting Open Borders for Years

We’re accustomed to hypocrisy from leftists. They have a tendency to say one thing about other people’s problems while doing everything they can to prevent the problems from hitting them. A clear example was their tenacious efforts to block Donald Trump’s border walls, saying walls don’t work as they universally fenced themselves in with walls at their own mansions.

But arguably an even clearer display of hypocrisy is coming from Washington DC and New York City as Texas sends illegal aliens to be these large cities. Democrat lawmakers had no problem with small Texas towns getting overrun by tens of thousands of illegal aliens at a time, but 1,500 in the Big Apple has Democrats scrambling to deal with the “massive” problem.

They’re calling it political. It is. Perhaps now they’ll wake up. According to Fox News:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has sent more than 1,500 migrants to the Big Apple in a bid to draw attention to the ongoing immigration crisis on the southern border. New York officials said this week that the city is using 14 hotels to provide housing to the new arrivals.

“Texas is filling the gaps left in Biden’s absence at our border,” Abbott wrote on social media after the Saturday buses arrived. “We’ve made over 19,000 arrests, seized over 335.5M lethal fentanyl doses, & sent over 7,400 migrants on buses to DC and over 1,500 to NYC. While Biden ignores the crisis, Texas steps up.”

Supporters see Abbott’s bus program as forcing liberal cities and government to deal with the reality of mass illegal immigration. New York City and Washington D.C. have positioned themselves as “sanctuary cities.” Critics say the buses are a cheap ploy for attention.

“He’s weaponizing asylum seekers,” Manuel Castro, commissioner of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs said. “It is shameful, and it is our moral obligation to condemn the use of human beings for political purposes.”

Yes, the buses are a “cheap ploy for attention.” This invasion needs as much attention as it can get and if that means making leftists feel the pain first hand, so be it.

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