Terry McAwful McAuliffe

Pedophilia-Tied, NeverTrump “Lincoln Project” Takes One for Team McAwful, Claims Responsibility for False Flag Tiki Torch Incident

With massive blowback from Virginia Democrats’ failed attempt to paint Glenn Youngkin supporters as white supremacists, the NeverTrump Lincoln Project has fallen on their swords and taken “credit” for the stunt. It has backfired spectacularly, portraying Terry McAuliffe’s campaign as desperate rather than doing any real damage to Youngkin’s campaign.

For their part, the Lincoln Project seems to be pretending like this was satire and not a legitimate attempt to create a damaging false narrative about Youngkin:

As much as I enjoy pointing out the idiocy, hypocrisy, and pure evil of the RINOs in the Lincoln Project, I’m not fully buying their attempt to take the fall on this one. They’re doing damage control because they support McAuliffe and they feel the best way they can help is to pretend to be the bad guys. There are several reasons I do not believe it, not the least of which is that they’re just not that clever.

For now, we’ll take them at their word, for what little it’s worth, and recommend that they get investigated for potential hate crimes. It won’t stick because it was a ham-fisted stunt, but if this is what they want then they should get the full white supremacist treatment.

The left is pulling out all stops in their attempt to salvage the plummeting popularity of their nominee. This is just another example of the horrible choices they’re making in an effort to reverse their diminishing fortunes.