Montana Governor Greg Gianforte Warns Businesses if They Obey OSHA's VAXX Mandates, They're Breaking the Law

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte Warns Businesses if They Obey OSHA’s VAXX Mandates, They’re Breaking the Law

With OSHA’s on-again-off-again vaccine mandate winding its way through the court system, many companies have already adopted their own mandates for employees and even customers in an effort to force people to get jabbed. It’s authoritarianism manifesting in the free market that stems from the indoctrinated (and often brainwashed) business owners who feel the federal government is giving them permission to engage in segregation.

But some red states have begun the process of defending themselves and their citizens from the Biden-Harris regime’s unconstitutional decrees. One particular red state doesn’t have to do anything. They already did it way back in February.

Montana’s Governor Greg Gianforte signed a bill prohibiting medical tyranny by private businesses. He reminded the businesses in his state about it on Twitter yesterday:

Retweets and comments by people not living in Montana urged their own governors to follow Gianforte’s lead.

States and individuals have far more power than most realize. The 10th Amendment limits what the federal government can impose. We need more limited-government federalism to shine through and help put an end to the Biden-Harris regime’s reign of terror.