Elon Musk on _The Woke Mind Virus_

Elon Musk on “The Woke Mind Virus”

Elon Musk’s politics have been a topic of debate from both sides of the aisle for years. Sometimes he seems like a libertarian or even a conservatarian. Other times he seems left-leaning. It really depends on the point of discussion at the time. But one area in which there is little doubt he leans strongly to right surrounds cancel culture and the “woke” direction society seems to be heading.

In particular, comedy has been all but destroyed. Things that were (and are) clearly funny are no longer allowed with cancel culture Karens waiting to pounce at any joke that doesn’t practice absolute inclusiveness. That makes comedy difficult because poking fun at things that are funny often requires insults that may offend people. It’s a tenet of humor that has existed since the first joke was ever told, but it’s no longer allowed with one major exception.

As Musk pointed out in a recent interview with the Babylon Bee, conservatives are fair game. Attacking them with “jokes” will never bring the wrath of leftist cancel culture to anyone’s doorsteps. Saturday Night Live, for example, will attack conservatives and Republicans endlessly while barely poking fun at anyone on the left. Musk called it “the woke mind virus.”

Wokeness truly is an adverse psychological condition that prompts the inflicted to act out against anything they believe should offend them. Unfortunately, that means pretty much everything in modern society. Cancel culture will come for everyone eventually.