Monsters: On the Day Dr Vladimir Zelenko Died, Fascist Twitter Suspended His Charitable Foundation’s Account

With so many bad guys in Big Tech, it’s hard to tell who is the most evil. Google and YouTube work endlessly to promote a globalist, anti-American worldview through censorship and narrative control. Facebook uses its tremendous reach to amplify leftist messages while suppressing conservatives. But Twitter made a move toward taking the crown of Most Evil Big Tech Company with their latest hideous action.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who spent the last couple of years of his life fighting for both freedom and for safe, effective treatments against Covid-19, died yesterday. On the same day, Twitter decided to ban the account of his charitable organization, the Zelenko Freedom Foundation.

We’re used to Big Tech going as low as possible, but this is ridiculous. Dr. Zelenko himself had been previously banned on Twitter for sharing messages about medical freedom, but for the fascist Big Tech platform to hit his foundation on the day he died is undeniable evil.