God Save America

Here’s the Patriotic Christian Song We Needed for 4th of July: “God Save America”

In Joe Biden’s America, two things are very clearly under attack: American patriotism and Biblical Christianity. They’re hitting us from every possible front in a Cultural Marxists’ dream scenario that includes LGBTQIA+ supremacy, anti-life abortion activism, and censorship against those who are willing to speak in favor of American exceptionalism or Biblical truths.

For this 4th of July, three musicians came together to put out the anthem we needed at such a time as this. Bryson Gray, James McCoy Tayor, and Tyson James brought their diverse talents to the table to release “God Save America.”


Too often, patriotic and/or Christian songs have great messages but lack in musical quality. This is the exception. It’s a legitimately great song. It’s catchy and meaningful, beautiful and profound. This is the type of song we need played at gatherings across America this 4th of July weekend.