Volkmar Sigusch

Matt Walsh Reveals the Degenerate Filth Who Started the Transvestite Cult

Matt Walsh has a way of wading into controversy armed with nothing but facts and logic. That may be why he’s quickly becoming one of the most hated and feared fighters on the political right. Leftists have put him up there with Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, and the Apostle Paul as people who challenge their worldview.

His latest thread on Twitter is no exception. In it, he highlighted five of the most despicable men in history who also happen to be very closely tied to the origins of the LGBTQIA+ supremacy movement.

The truth is brutal. Be warned that some of what Walsh describes should make your skin crawl…

The trans agenda was invented by pedophilic psychologists, degenerate quacks, lunatic sexologists, literal Nazi scientists, and other assorted deviants. A collection of the most despicable monsters imaginable came up with all of this stuff. Here are five names you should know.

John Money pioneered the concept of “gender identity.” He tried out his theory on twin boys, who he abused and experimented on throughout their childhood. They both went on to kill themselves.

Alfred Kinsey is the godfather of modern “comprehensive sex ed” programs. He came up with many of the theories of sexuality that are now taught as fact in our schools. He also enlisted a pedophile who raped children so that he could document the victims’ “orgasms.”

Volkmar Sigusch was a sexologist who coined the term “cissexual.” He argued in favor of exposing children to pornography and insisted that pedophilia should not be stigmatized. This latter point was a common belief among many pioneers of the trans movement.

Magnus Hirschfeld. Another German sexologist. He opened one of the world’s first transgender clinics. He was an avid proponent of eugenics and believed in forcibly sterilizing those who were “feeble-minded.” The Nazis would later implement eugenics on a massive scale.

Erwin Gohrbandt. A leading scientist in Nazi Germany who performed one of the first “sex reassignment” surgeries. He helped design human experiments that were carried out on prisoners at Dachau. In one experiment, victims were submerged in ice cold water to study the effects of hypothermia. Many died.

This is far from a comprehensive list. But these are the sorts of people who gave us trans ideology. A brutal, depraved, pseudo-scientific movement from the very beginning. An ideology pushed by monstrous quacks and dangerous perverts. I guess some things never change.

As could be easily predicted, comments in the thread tried to paint Walsh as a Nazi. They said he was misleading. They tried to debunk him. But nothing he posted was untrue. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to reverse the massive brainwashing that has been done to so many Americans. At this point, our best option is to assume the fully indoctrinated are lost and focus on keeping others from falling victim to agenda.