Bill Ackman

Leftist Billionaire Bill Ackman Comes Out Supporting Science, RFK Jr . . . and Tucker Carlson

Hell has essentially frozen over. Billionaire Democrat hedge fund manager Bill Ackman has officially taken a stance on the suppression of scientific debate regarding vaccines. He offered his support for the stances (though likely not the candidacy) of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He even had something nice to say about Tucker Carlson.

Keep in mind, this is the same man who last year said the best way to fix inflation was to open the southern border MORE. His hedge fund is one of the biggest proponents of woke ESG investments. He was one of the biggest donors to Andrew Cuomo and his then-Lieutenant Kathy Hochul. But reading his latest Twitter post, which includes Carlson’s latest show, is a sign that he may be getting red-pilled, at least on the jabs.

Here’s his post:

For context, I am pro-science (it is sad to say that I have to declare this upfront) and our family foundation, the @PershingSqFdn, is a major funder ( ~$100m to date with more to come) of scientific research, but something has gone really wrong with science and our country when anyone who challenges currently accepted science is branded a conspiracy theorist and is censored by major media companies.

The scientific method is about constantly challenging our assumptions. It is about skepticism and deep research to understand and explain new data that are inconsistent with initial observations or conclusions.

Science is an unending search for the truth, and this ongoing search is critical, as what was once deemed to be settled science is often revised or reversed with the passage of time. For example, consider how the science of human nutrition has changed dramatically over time, or hypotheses about the causes for Alzheimer’s. And it wasn’t that long ago that doctors were quoted in ads recommending cigarettes as good for your health.

We should value those critics who challenge the status quo and continue to ask the hard questions. It is particularly important to do so when the economics of the current scientific understanding provide rewards to industry that are in the hundreds of billions of dollars, with the associated unavoidable perverse incentives.

We should seek to answer the concerns of those who challenge the current scientific wisdom. We should not simply dismiss them as conspiracy theorists. Doing so impedes the progress of scientific knowledge, and may cause us to miss opportunities to correct mistakes that continue to cause harm.

@RobertKennedyJr and others have raised important questions about the safety of some vaccines and have sought explanations for the dramatic increases in the incidence of childhood allergies, autism, and other health issues. These are good questions that have not been adequately answered. And I say this from the perspective of someone who is fully vaccinated along with my kids.

RFK may be right or wrong in his theories. That said, his concerns are ones shared by millions of parents and others. Rather than censor RFK and the skeptics, shouldn’t we instead seek to understand the causes for the massive increase in autism and allergic diseases in our children over the last 30 or so years? If vaccines are not the cause for increased autism and other allergenic conditions, then what is the cause or causes?

I think we would all greatly benefit by dropping the words ‘conspiracy theory’ from our lexicon and opening our minds to the possibility of improbable alternative explanations. When one hears something labeled a conspiracy theory, the natural reaction is to dismiss the theory. That is not a good way to get the truth. Conspiracy theories are actually just theories that are labeled as such to discourage further investigation.

I have had my own serious issues with @TuckerCarlson over the years and disagree with him on many subjects, but I have to say he gets its right in this evening’s episode which is worth a watch.

I recommend the Tucker segment at the risk of discrediting everything I have said above for certain audiences. That said, I am a strong believer in seeking the truth from a wide spectrum of observers and media participants.

I encourage you to give this approach a try. When even your worst enemy has an insight you agree with, I have often found it has a higher probability of being true. I think you will find this approach will make it easier to get closer to the truth in an uncertain world.

It seems hell has, indeed, frozen over. Are more lucid Democrats starting to wake up to what their ideology is doing to this nation? Let us know your thoughts on our Substack.