Matt Walsh Goes Off on Biden’s Divisive Response to Mass Murder

Few were expecting an inspiring speech from Joe Biden yesterday following the heinous mass murder of elementary school children and their teachers in Texas yesterday, but what he ended up delivering was low by even his standards. It was a partisan attack job in which he exploited the tragedy for purely political purposes.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh was clearly upset by it:

Biden had a chance to unite the country in our mourning of the lost innocent children but instead he rambled about the gun lobby, attacked Republicans, and wandered off the stage. We are being led by an incompetent, incoherent fool who also happens to be a very bad man.

Biden’s speech was “naked exploitation,” as Glenn Greenwald said.

“He spent about six seconds doing that, and then immediately did a detour to figure out how he could squeeze and exploit this situation for partisan advantage,” he said. “It was so grotesque and… unsurprising but also really disappointing to watch.”

Normally I would post the speech itself, but it’s just too hideous. The man they installed in the White House was supposed to unify us. Instead, he’s using tragedy to try to salvage his midterm election hopes.