Glenn Greenwald Calls Out Biden’s “Naked Exploitation” of Robb Elementary Mass Murder

Depending on the situation in any mass murder in America, politicians and corporate media react in one of two ways. If the narrative suits them, they immediately pounce to take advantage of the optics. If the narrative does not align with their perspectives, they call on everyone to be patient and not jump to conclusions.

With a semi-automatic long gun apparently used in yesterday’s Robb Elementary mass murder that killed at least 19 people, leftists pounced. Joe Biden in particular was quick with his politicization of the attack, using it to push gun control and attack Republicans.

Glenn Greenwald talked to Tucker Carlson about it:

Greenwald told Carlson that Biden could have used his speech to unite the country, noting that he had buried two children of his own and has a unique perspective. But Biden blew that opportunity quickly.

“He spent about six seconds doing that, and then immediately did a detour to figure out how he could squeeze and exploit this situation for partisan advantage,” he said. “It was so grotesque and… unsurprising but also really disappointing to watch.”

The nation has been shaken by this tragedy, and unfortunately we lack the leadership at the national level that’s necessary to properly process it all. It’s partisanship and agenda, 24-7, and it starts at the top.