Milton Friedman

Legendary Economist Milton Friedman Clearly Explains Inflation and Who Creates it in 33-Second Snippet

If you were to listen to the Biden-Harris regime and their various gaslighting bureaucrats, you might think there are many circumstances and outside organizations to blame for all the inflation we’re facing as a nation.

If you were to listen to modern day economists doing their rounds on CNN, MSNBC, and network news, you’d hear how complicated the inflation equation allegedly is and why we should count our blessings that the current regime is fixing it even if we’re not seeing any tangible fixes ourselves.

I prefer to listen to Milton Friedman:

“Inflation is made in Washington because only Washington can create money, and any other attribution to other groups of inflation is wrong. Consumers don’t produce it. Producers don’t produce it. The trade unions don’t produce it. Foreign sheikhs don’t produce it. Oil imports don’t produce it. What produces it is too much government spending and too much government creation of money and nothing else.”

Fact-check: Confirmed.

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