Fauci Snake Oil

Epic Thread by Thomas Massie: Fauci Is a “Snake Oil Salesman Trying to Quietly Ride His Wagon Out of Town Before the People Hold Him Accountable”

The announced retirement of Anthony Fauci has prompted many Republican lawmakers to claim they will still hold him accountable for the massive damage he has caused the nation and the world. The man who fancies himself as “THE SCIENCE” is a conman at best and very likely complicit in the deaths of countless people.

Call me a skeptic, but I take threats by most in the feckless GOP as nothing more than campaign promises. But there are a few who I believe truly will try to hold Fauci and others accountable if the Republican Party can retake control of the House and/or Senate following the midterm elections. One such lawmaker is Congressman Thomas Massie who laid out Fauci’s fraudulent actions in a Twitter thread:

Science didn’t evolve, Fauci ignored science. He denied the existence of natural immunity. He spoke of droplets to avoid acknowledging the size of the virus was too small to be stopped by the filters of loose fitting cloth masks.

The vaccine trials were designed NOT to show the vaccines didn’t prevent infection or spread, but he spoke as if they did. He ignored harm caused by locking down people – delayed cancer screenings, untreated diabetes, un-filled prescriptions, mental health (suicides), etc.

He ignored and still ignores all side effects of the novel mRNA vaccines. The policies he advanced never properly acknowledged that the elderly had exponentially more risk than children. He cared not about the stunted social and educational development of children.

He downplayed early treatments and promoted late stage expensive pharmaceuticals while ignoring their side effects. Fauci isn’t science, he’s a snake oil salesman trying to quietly ride his wagon out of town before the people hold him accountable for his fraud.

Once the midterms are over, there will be a quick shift by Republican lawmakers who will suddenly forget who Anthony Fauci was or what he did. It will no longer be politically expedient for them to go after him so most will drop him like a hot potato. But as President Trump learned in 2017 and beyond when he was advised to not go after Hillary Clinton, obeying political expedience is often a mistake.

Had he gone after Clinton as he promised throughout the campaign, including his famous line during a debate when he told he she would be in jail, Russiagate could have been exposed early as the fraud that it was.

We need Congress to do its job as oversight for executive departments, and that includes holding bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci accountable, retired or not. Will a GOP majority heed Thomas Massie’s call or will they wimp out as usual?

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