Lady Gaga Helen Mirren Devils Horns

Lady Gaga and Helen Mirren Shared “Sweet” Moment During Commercial Break at SAG Awards Before Going Full-Illuminati

Followers of Hollywood’s glamor and glitz likely watched the Screen Actors Guild Awards a couple of weeks ago. It was a standard bout of hypocrisy mixed with privilege as actors honored actors for acting while making big bucks to support bad habits and leftist causes.

I didn’t watch. I never watch. I barely watch anything out of Hollywood these days. But a video surfaced yesterday that piqued my interest as it showed Lady Gaga and Helen Mirren engaged in a strangely obvious moment of Illuminati revelation. So, I looked into it.

Apparently, their encounter was big news, not because of the clip that I saw but because of what transpired beforehand. During a commercial break, the two engaged in an embrace. For whatever reason (I gave up long ago at trying to understand emotional outbursts from Hollywood types), Lady Gaga started crying while hugging Mirren. It was labeled a “sweet” moment by People Magazine:

Helen Mirren and Lady Gaga shared a sweet moment during the 28th Annual Screen Actor Guild Awards. In between commercial breaks on Sunday evening, the actresses were spotted chatting with each other and sharing a long embrace.

At one point while they hugged, Gaga, 35, could be seen crying in Mirren’s arms, seemingly overjoyed to be meeting the legendary English actress. As Gaga cried in her arms, Mirren, 76, was seen comforting the Grammy Award-winning singer and wiping tears from her eyes.

Here’s that clip:

So far, so good. Nothing out of the ordinary for Hollywood stars to hug. But it’s what they did afterwards that sparked conspiracy theorists to react to a video that just started making its rounds. As they were parting, Mirren flashed “Devils Horns” at Lady Gaga, who returned the symbolic greeting and nodded her head in approval.

Granted, I’m not an expert in Illuminati symbolism, so I had to look it up. According to Illuminati Symbols:

The Devil’s Horns hand symbol is known under many names including: Sign of the Horns, El Diablo, Sign of Satan the Horned God, the Goat, Goat Horns, Rock On, Rock Fist, The Horns, Mano Cornuto, Il Cornuto, Pommesgabel, Evil Fingers, Metal Horns, Devil Sign, Diabolicus…

The Devil’s Horns is one of the most widely recognized symbol of allegiance to Satan. The two raised fingers represent Satan’s horns. Unfortunately, it is also the most incorrectly identified Illuminati hand sign.

The sign can be made with the thumb tucked in or sticking out as shown by Texe Marrs in his Codex Magica and demonstrated by the Devil himself in the 14th century Arabic manuscript, the Kitab al-Bulhan.

Was their exchange nothing out of the ordinary? Were they declaring their shared adoration for the prince of darkness? It’s Hollywood, so I’ll leave that question for the discernment of our readers.