Kari Lake Is Asked About Being Trump’s VP and Her Response Is 24 Carat Gold

Ever since Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake launched her campaign, corporate media has hounded her about her qualifications to fill the role. She has never held political office, never run an election campaign, and promises to enact policies that long-time Republican politicians refuse to entertain.

This is why it struck Lake as odd recently when a reporter for Phoenix radio station KJZZ asked her about being tapped by Donald Trump. Watch:


The reporter asked, “Kari, if Trump were to tap you for VP, is that something you would consider?”

There was zero hesitation from Lake.

“No,” she said. “I hate… first of all, I don’t like Washington D.C., especially don’t like it now. It’s funny, though, that the question was asked because for so long many of you in the media have been trying to act like I don’t have the skills to run for governor. Now, apparently, I’m so skilled that you think I should be VP.”

It’s not the type of practiced response we normally hear from politicians when asked speculative questions. She sounds more like Trump or Ron DeSantis answering questions than life-long politicians who have canned replies to expected questions.

“I take it as a compliment,” she said. “Thank you for asking.”

Lake is battling Democrat Katie Hobbs who recently dodged a televised debate. Hobbs has avoided as many questions from the media as possible, opting to only accept “safe” interviews from media allies. Lake has hammered her for her absence.

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