Katie Hobbs

Democrat Katie Hobbs Avoids Being Trounced in Live Debate by Making Feeble Excuses at Last Minute

Democrat gubernatorial candidate in Arizona Katie Hobbs declined to participate in a public, televised debate with her Republican opponent, Kari Lake. Her campaign blamed the decision on PBS and their inability to properly moderate the last debate between GOP rivals, releasing a statement two hours before the debate acceptance deadline.

It’s a feeble excuse, especially considering this would be a one-on-one debate rather than several candidates vying for air time. But it’s not unexpected as the Hobbs campaign has been hinting about ducking the debate since she officially won the Democrat nomination.

Lake went so far as to offer to let Hobbs pick the moderator and even write the questions. Even this unprecedented gesture wasn’t enough to lure Hobbs in front of a camera to face Lake directly.

“Secretary Hobbs firmly believes that Arizonans deserve every opportunity to evaluate candidates for public office and hear their visions for the future of our state – without constant interruptions, pointless distractions, childish name-calling, tired conspiracy theories, and demonstrably false accusations,” Nicole DeMont said in a letter to the Citizens Clean Elections Commission.

Lake’s response was appropriate considering the dodge by Hobbs.


Of course Katie Hobbs won’t debate Kari Lake. She would be exposed as a corrupt and racist politicians trying to climb the ladder into her fourth government job in 11 years. Her best strategy is to hope Arizonans aren’t smart enough to see through her.