Kari Lake Holds Emergency Press Conference, Gives the Fake News Media a Beatdown They’ll Never Forget

Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake announced on Thursday afternoon that she was holding an “emergency press conference” and the “fake news” media outlets that showed up probably regret it.

As you can see from the video below, Lake, an America First candidate who’s endorsed by President Donald Trump, addressed reports by Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs of a supposed break-in at Hobbs campaign headquarters.

Hobbs immediately blamed Lake, without evidence, and Lake responded by calling the smear “Jussie Smollett Part Two”, a reference to homosexual race hoaxer Jussie Smollett, who infamously staged a fake race-hate event that was immediately reported as real by the Democrat Media Complex.

Kari Lake’s press conference was not only attended by local media, naturally, but was also attended by conservative outlets like RedState. It should be noted that even some international media attended, a testimony to Lake’s rising political stardom.

“We’re going to do a tutorial on how fake, bogus, defamatory news is made at the hands of many of you,” Lake opened. “My desperate opponent, who’s sinking like a lead weight in water, pulled a stunt and you guys fell for it. She put out a defamatory statement and you all ran with it. You didn’t do your journalistic duty. It was malpractice of journalism like I’ve never seen before.”

Lake speaks from experience, being a former news anchor for the Fox local affiliate in Arizona for 22 years. Amazingly, this same outlet displayed a graphic on Thursday showing Hobbs defeating Lake, 53-47%. But there’s just one problem: The election is 12 days from now.

This is despite Lake soaring to a whopping 11-point lead over Hobbs in the most recent polling, an almost unheard-of margin in what is considered by many to be a “swing” state.

Lake skillfully browbeats local Arizona stations for ignoring the new poll, hammering them for being wings of the Democrat Party and nothing more than propagandists.

Democrat Katie Hobbs, the current Arizona secretary of state who somehow managed to stay in office overseeing elections as she runs for governor, is a twice-convicted racist who refuses to debate Kari Lake on the issues that Arizona citizens care about.

After watching Kari Lake’s prowess in destroying the fake news media, it’s easy to understand why Katie Hobbs refuses to debate her.