David Limbaugh Notices Something in Common With All the “Conservative” Never-Trumpers

Up and down the line of current and former RINOs who continue to be Never-Trumpers, there is a trend. The very people who claim Republicans abandoned “true conservatism” by supporting Donald Trump are not out there fighting for limited government or attacking woke culture. Instead, they’re invariably letting their true colors shine by endorsing Democrats, embracing wokeness, and defending the Biden-Harris regime’s disastrous policies.

From Liz Cheney to the Lincoln Project, Never-Trumpers are going full-blown leftist in their efforts to stop Donald Trump. This is confusing, of course, because by their reckoning Trump lost “fair and square” in the 2020 election. Why are they STILL supporting Neo-Marxism?

Conservative commentator David Limbaugh asked that very question. As he noted on Twitter:

Isn’t it interesting that these former Republican Never Trumpers, whose alleged beef with us is that we abandoned true conservatism, are now full-throated fellow travelers with cultural and economic Marxist Democrats who are on a monomaniacal mission to destroy this country?

The masks have come off. A quick scan of the Lincoln Project’s Twitter feed shows wholehearted support for their beloved Democrats. They even went after Tudor Dixon who is as moderate as they come among Republican gubernatorial candidates.

As for Cheney, she’s already backing Democrats while still a sitting Republican Congresswoman (albeit on her way out after being absolutely obliterated in her primary).

These people have no shame. They have no ideological core. They know they hate Donald Trump and the people who support him. Therefore, bad policies and radical leftism are okay in their books while they call themselves “conservatives.”

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