Democrat John Fetterman Goes Full-Racist to Defend His Fight Against Voter ID

The Democrat Party is loaded with hypocrisy as we document regularly here. One of the biggest contradictions is how they claim they are against bigotry while regularly espousing racism.

Candidate for U.S. Senator in Pennsylvania John Fetterman believes that we need to fight voter ID because poor people and persons of color have a hard time getting proper identification. Watch:

“In my own state, they are going to pass, uh, attempt to pass a constitutional amendment making sure that universal voting ID for every time you vote, not just when you sign up to vote but every time you vote, because they understand that at any given time there’s tens of thousands of Pennsylvania who typically, typically are on the, uh, are on the poorer side and, and are people of color that are less likely to ID at any one given time.”

This isn’t the first time Fetterman has degraded “people of color” with claims that they need him as their savior from all the problems he believes they are incapable of handling themselves. It’s the standard Democrat plantation mentality, and unfortunately a majority of minorities have traditionally bought into this victim mentality with their voting.

Voter ID is the most common-sense approach to election integrity, which is why Democrats oppose it so dramatically. They cannot provide statistics that demonstrate voter suppression comes from it. In fact, the last election in Georgia saw a higher voter turnout than any midterm primary election in history even AFTER voter ID was implemented.

Democrats like John Fetterman aren’t trying to defend people of color by opposing voter ID. They’re forced to invoke their racism in order to defend their primary method of winning elections: cheating.

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