. . . Jeff Zucker Is Just the First CNN Domino to Fall With More Scandals Coming From an Epic Source: Reports . . .

Former CNN President Jeff Zucker won’t be alone in his sudden professional demise, according to reports from reliable sources. Revelations of his sexual relationship with CNN VP Allison Gollust came in the midst of an investigation into former CNN host Chris Cuomo’s escapades and more revelations about other prominent figures are expected to drop soon.

On today’s episode of The Midnight Sentinel, independent journalist Kyle Becker revealed what he’s hearing on the grapevine. It started following Cuomo’s firing from the network when there was rumbling he had “dirt” on Zucker and others, including audio recordings. As Jon Nicosia reported last year.

Becker said, “One of my friends who I worked with a long time ago named Jon Nicosia — he was one of the masterminds behind Mediaite back in the day — he called it. He said Cuomo has got dirt on Zucker. He said this back in December. I hear that he has audio tapes on Zucker.”

This would jibe with what we’re hearing elsewhere, that during the network’s investigation of Chris Cuomo, he’s spilling the beans on others at the network. It seems practically impossible to imagine Cuomo ever getting his job back at CNN, so it would appear that this is more out of the famous vindictive nature of the Cuomo family.

“He told me this is just the tip of the iceberg,” Becker continued. “Lemon is coming, too. Don Lemon, he’s been in hot water, don’t forget. There are other things coming at CNN.”

Lemon, who has claimed to be one of Chris Cuomo’s close friends, quickly changed his tune after Cuomo’s firing.

“Watch out for Don Lemon. Watch out for Jeffrey Toobin… there might be more to the story than we all shockingly, finally learned about earlier with this… Zoom Gone Wild with Jeffrey Toobin,” Becker said. “There’s more of a shakeup coming for them and it will be interesting to see who Jeff Zucker’s replacement is going to be because the shakeups are coming and it can’t just be purely from sexual misconduct.”

Two separate sources with knowledge of the circumstances behind Zucker’s departure confirmed that they’re hearing the same rumors. They say Chris Cuomo and his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, have dirt on multiple people at CNN and they’re in the process of getting their revenge.

My discussion with Becker crossed a wide spectrum of topics, but we focused on the Covid narratives and the downfall of mainstream media. Becker believes CNN’s attacks on Joe Rogan as well as the music industry’s attacks on Spotify will only work to make them stronger.

The CNN saga is not over, not by a long shot. If reports from Kyle Becker and others are correct, we’re in for a lot more drama from the failing fake news network.