Communist Propagandist Jeff Zucker “Resigns” as CEO of CNN Fake News Over Secret Sexual Relationship With Former Andrew Cuomo Staffer

“Jeff Zucker had it coming,” one snarky Twitter user said.

The former head of CNN resigned today in disgrace after the board learned of an “undisclosed consensual sexual relationship” with a colleague. Ironically, the only reason this all came to light is because of the ongoing internal investigation into former show host Chris Cuomo who assisted his brother, former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, during his own scandal.

According to Todd Starnes:

Jeff Zucker resigned as CNN’s president Wednesday for reportedly failing to disclose a romantic relationship with another senior executive at the liberal network.

The 56-year-old top boss told colleagues in a memo that the relationship came up during CNN’s investigation into disgraced host Chris Cuomo’s alleged sexual harassment.

“As part of the investigation into Chris Cuomo’s tenure at CNN, I was asked about a consensual relationship with my closest colleague, someone I have worked with for more than 20 years,” Zucker wrote.

Zucker’s partner, Allison Gollust, worked for Andrew Cuomo before going to work for Zucker and Chris Cuomo. If rumors are correct, her loss from the affair getting exposed may be even bigger than Zucker’s. According to Fox News:

Allison Gollust, now CNN’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer, was appointed Cuomo’s communications director in 2012 before bolting to join Zucker four months later at CNN.

NBC media reporter Dylan Byers floated the possibility of Gollust ascending to Zucker’s position in a tweet. Gollust became close to Zucker after a 15-year tenure at NBC before her brief work in the Cuomo administration.

CNN has been plagued by sexual scandals being revealed over the last few months. From multiple producers being accused of pedophilia and child sex trafficking to Chris Cuomo’s own accusations of sexual misconduct, Zucker’s and Gollust’s tale seems mild in comparison. But the #MeToo specter still looms, so relationships between a boss and a subordinate are anathema.

The network has been in a state of shambles for a while. Some of their best talent has been less than excited about “moving up” in the organization as the ship continues to sink rapidly. Ratings have plummeted since the 2020 election and rumors of a complete shift in direction have been circulating for months.

Though Gollust and Zucker claim the relationship sparked up during the pandemic, there were past exchanges between the two that made news. One in 2017 was conspicuous as some characterized it as appearing like a fight between couples. According to Page Six:

Sources told Page Six the kerfuffle wasn’t a fight between the pair but had to do with business that spilled over from the office. “It was something they were dealing with at CNN all day,” said a source, adding “it wasn’t an argument.” Gollust joined CNN in 2013 after leaving NBC, where she and Zucker had worked together for 15 years.

“It looked like she was reprimanding her husband or something,” laughed one baffled rival exec of the exchange.

There is no credibility left at CNN, not that there was much in the past. This latest scandal is what happens when power-hungry globalist elites mingle with ego-driven narcissists in their efforts to propagandize America.