James Cameron

James Cameron Calls Feigned Search for Lost Submersible a “Nightmarish Charade”

Titanic director James Cameron says he knew the OceanGate submersible Titan was lost as soon as he heard they’d lost comms and navigation simultaneously. He went on to say the search and rescue efforts were just part of a “nightmarish charade”.

As we posted yesterday, the Biden-Harris regime was fully aware the the underwater vehicle had imploded on Sunday within hours of it going missing. Many believe the story was milked in order to draw attention away from the multiple scandals hitting the Biden Crime Family this week.

Here’s Cameron expressing his perspectives to the BBC:

Cameron’s long-time friend, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, was among the victims of the tragedy. He may also be the reason the submersible was taken out, if a conspiracy theory is to be believed.

Following the initial news on Sunday, reports of knocking being heard were designed to keep hope intact and people glued to this story instead of seeing the other news that has been happening. The current White House is pure evil.