Paul-Henri Nargeolet

Is a Titanic Conspiracy Theory Tied to the Sinking of the Billionaire Submersible?

Ever since the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912, theories have continuously emerged that questioned the official narrative. Some are ludicrous, such as the one about a cursed mummy onboard that was repeated by the NY Times shortly after the sinking. Some have legs, such as the notion that a German U-Boat sunk her in their quest for WWI sea domination.

One theory in particular stands out as not only plausible, but potentially tied to the current tragedy unfolding in the news. According to Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies:

Since no one is offering the conspiracy narrative of the submarine here goes…

Well if you read the primary sources of from the survivors of the Titanic you’ll see a disturbing trend: survivor after survivor doesn’t mention an iceberg, they mention an incredible explosion that rocked the ship before it sank.

We’ve all become familiar with the phrase “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” yet no one is mentioning the obvious: ice bergs can’t cut through hardened steel hulls.

So if why would the titanic be blown up? Well it turns out the industrialists opposed to the creation of the federal reserve were on that ship:

  1. John Jacob Astor IV

  2. Benjamin Guggenhei

  3. Isidor Straus

  4. George Dunton Widene

This is even mentioned in the movie Titanic, in one scene, were there are a group of people arguing against the creation of the federal reserve. It’s extremely short, a few seconds, but it’s there.

Unfortunately for those behind the conspiracy (presumably the current stockholders of the Federal Reserve) the Titanic sits in international waters. Unregulated salvage operations can proceed on the titanic. What would they presumably find?

That the hull “buckling in by an iceberg” is actually a “buckling out by an explosive”. This fact can’t be hidden forever, and the media is starting to tease limited disclosures to the public.

To close this loophole, the internationalist are clamping down on visitation so that no unauthorized persons can visit the titanic wreckage without a permit.

So the fact that this submarine dude was able to offer trips at all is a little suspect. The fact he was able to do it with an uncertified, experimental submarine controlled by a wireless game controller – makes no sense. The additional fact that he specifically excluded hiring experienced pilots because they were “50 something white people”, yet was still permitted.

So what’s going to happen? The people in this submarine likely perished. But I’m open to being wrong. But this event will be used as leverage to make the titanic off limits by visitation by the citizens of the west so that the narrative of the Federal Reserve is preserved.

Oh look the Rothschild dynasty funded this thing what a surprise.

According to Derek Broes: You are being mislead about the submarine. They did not hear taps and attempts to rescue has resulted is catastrophic failure “implosion” of two submersibles to rescue. The media wants you tuned into their fake ass broadcasts. The sub is gone according to sources that have contacted me for Canadian a U.S. coast guard insiders.

The hull of the Titanic was 1 inch (26 mm) of steel. That puts it in the same league as an “ice breaker ship”, who’s hull ranges from 25 – 75 mm.

Regarding the Old Theory

Vorhies mentioned the Rothschild family, whose names have been tied to theories about the Titanic sinking from the beginning. He didn’t mention J.P. Morgan, another Federal Reserve bank architect who had a massive vested interest in seeing opposition to the Fed sunk (pun intended).

J.P. Morgan owned the Titanic through his trust. He was also scheduled to be a passenger for the disastrous maiden voyage but canceled at the last minute, supposedly because he was having trouble getting artwork shipped with him. This excuse seems feeble considering how much art was already on the ship, but we may never know the truth there.

As far as Vorhies’ claim that an iceberg can’t sink a ship with a 1-inch steel hull, its a legitimate question. After all, the hull is one of the reasons the ship was dubbed as “unsinkable” in the first place. I’m not a scientist but the “ice versus steel” question seems viable to me.

Now, let’s discuss how this affects current events…

Regarding the New Theory

If the submersible was intentionally sunk, hidden away, or never even launched at all, I’m not sure if Vorhies has the full picture. Theorizing that this would be the predicate for preventing future expeditions isn’t realistic. Neither the nature nor location of the dive is being blamed for the tragedy, so changing international law over what is being described as a single faulty submarine doesn’t pass the smell test.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for a conspiracy, and one stuck out to me based on a victim. Paul-Henri Nargeolet is known as “Mr. Titanic.” He’s been to the ship 37 times and is widely regarded as THE expert on the topic.

What if he found something that could prove the ship was intentionally sunk? Before you dismiss this as way out there, here are three facts to consider:

Nargeolet Had a Bad Experience With OceanGate Before

This wasn’t Nargeolet’s first time aboard an OceanGate vessel. The last time he went with them, he felt like he was going to die. According to his daughter:

Nargeolet said her father had made his first trip to the wreck in 1987. On one trip in another vessel operated by U.S.-based OceanGate Expeditions, he told her that he was not sure he would return safely, although he eventually did.

Why would someone who had already been to the wreckage 36 previous times get onto another OceanGate submersible after being concerned for his life the last time he went with them? What was so pressing? Did he know something new? Was he investigating something he wasn’t supposed to know?

Nargeolet Specialized in Recovering Vehicles Damaged by Explosives

Before becoming Mr’ Titanic, Nargeolet specialized in mine clearance for the French Navy. He has traveled the world recovering submerged vessels that had exploded. It would be hard to find anyone on the planet who is better qualified to examine the Titanic and recognize evidence of an explosion rather than iceberg damage.

Nargeolet Was Director of Underwater Research for the Company That Owns the Rights to Titanic’s Remains

This seems convenient. According to Daily Mail:

Nargeolet became the director of underwater research for RMS Titanic, which owns the rights to the ship’s remains, and done more than 35 drives to the shipwreck.

Again, this reinforces that if there are true conspiracies surrounding the sinking of the Titanic, Nargeolet would be the one who had access to the information and skill to process it all.

So Many Questions

He knew the risks and had no known burning need to go down a 37th time on a submersible that nearly killed him before. He’s handled as many vessels sunk by explosives as anyone on earth. He worked for the company that literally owns all of the answers if the right questions are asked.

Did Paul-Henri Nargeolet know something he wasn’t supposed to know? Was he going to reveal something the powers-that-be don’t want revealed? As with so many things associated with the Titanic, we may never get real answers.

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