Is Leftist Media Being Forced to Commit Random Acts of Journalism_

Is Leftist Media Being Forced to Commit Random Acts of Journalism?

The short answer to the question is, “Not enough.” Let’s get that out of the way before I give examples of leftwing media starting to post more actual news even if it speaks ill of their beloved Democrat Party.

The most time-consuming part of my job is reading articles. I can say with confidence that I read through well over 100 articles per day, and while I don’t read every word I do more than skim them. Running this and other sites means I need to be diligent in promoting the right messages that can benefit this nation. With the left loaded with so much propaganda and gaslighting, it’s important that patriots have a home where they know an America First mentality is applied to the reporting.

Much of what I read comes from mainstream media. I don’t exist in an echo-chamber; we need to know what the left is thinking if we have any hope of convincing them they’re wrong. In my travels, I’ve noticed an uptick in articles that we would have never seen from mainstream media in the recent past. Not only are they highlighting some of the negatives associated with leftist policies, but they’re also not always spinning them to somehow be a positive.

To be clear, I’m not referring to the irredeemable leftist hacks at CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, the NY Times, or the other unabashedly progressive “news” outlets who will either completely ignore negative stories regarding leftists or will spin them as positive. Who can forget “fiery but mostly peaceful protesters“?

Four articles from this weekend caught my attention as not being complete leftist propaganda on sites that have become safe havens for progressivism:

  • Politico posted “FBI raid on Project Veritas founder’s home sparks questions about press freedom.” Project Veritas is blacklisted by most leftist sites; they won’t even acknowledge the existence of the investigative journalists who have exposed so many wrongdoings by Democrats and mainstream media, but Politico (sort of) defended them.
  • Axios posted “The media’s epic fail.” It highlights how abysmal the coverage of the Steele Dossier was in 2017 and ever since, culminating in the complete and utter destruction of the narrative they disseminated as gospel.
  • Vice posted “The Metaverse Is the Ultimate Surveillance Tool.” Vice is one of the most schizophrenic mainstream media outlets with occasional “right-friendly” stories, but they’re mostly left-leaning. They’ve also been defenders of Big Tech, but in this case they’re ringing the alarm bells.
  • Business Insider posted “Billionaire investor Ray Dalio says the US is ‘on the wrong path’ after inflation hits a 31-year high.” It’s the type of story they normally avoid; anything that speaks ill of the Biden-Harris economy that they worked so hard to install with their rantings throughout election season have been pretty much forbidden on the site. Perhaps they were losing credibility for being an financial news outlet that didn’t seem to notice how bad the economy has become.

Don’t get me wrong. The vast majority of articles on Politico, Axios, Vice, and Business Insider are still Democrat- and leftist-friendly. But these random acts of journalism have been popping up in my feeds more and more lately. I’m not ready to call it a trend, but it’s something to watch going forward.

If we can start getting more honest stories from the outlets leftists love, there’s hope that they won’t be constantly fed fodder for their confirmation bias. It’s a longshot, I know, and I wouldn’t waste much time trying to make them do it. But what we CAN do is continue to highlight the truth and ask leftist media why they’re ignoring it. If we do that, perhaps they’ll realize the jig is up and they have to report about the Biden-Harris regime’s awful policies even if doing so goes against their nature.