Is Elon Musk the Free Speech Savior of Twitter or a Globalist Trojan Horse?

Let me state up front that I enjoy watching Elon Musk’s various antics. In many ways I actually like the guy and I have the utmost respect for his undeniable ability to be the greatest capitalist of our time. It’s important that everyone understands that this is not a “hate on Musk” post, not by a longshot.

With that said, I’m concerned, skeptical, and even a bit scared about his offer to buy Twitter. For those who don’t know, the richest man in the world made an offer Twitter would be stupid to refuse. He’s willing to overpay for the social network in order to take it private and do what he needs to do to “unlock its potential.”

I have zero doubt that he can do just that. My concerns lie in what that really means. While the vast majority of conservatives are focused on the near-certainty that he would open it up as a freer speech network than it is today (it really couldn’t get more biased with its censorship), I’m more focused on three things.

First, I’m not sure that expanding Twitter’s power is a good thing regardless of who’s running the ship. It’s already a huge time suck as a conglomeration of echo chambers and a way to make everyone’s vitriol towards each other in public even more vitriolic. I’m a fan of the concept of a huge digital town square where ideas are shared and communication is open, but I’ve been nothing but disappointed in every iteration so far. That’s not a huge deal and if that was my only concern, I wouldn’t even voice it as the other positives would likely outweigh this one negative.

Unfortunately, there are other negatives that are more important. The second and much bigger concern is that conservatives who see the value in his private ownership of the company are either forgetting about or are unaware of the other source of censorship for apps like Twitter. As Gettr, Truth Social, and other “freer speech” networks have learned, Google and Apple still hold major sway over what is and isn’t allowed. They both took down Parler during the opening stages of the conservative purge in early 2021 until Parler was willing to start censoring. Unless Musk is going to buy Apple and Google too, he will not be able to circumvent censorship against so-called “hate speech.” Only Gab is able to do that simply because they do not have an app on Apple or Google so they are not beholden to their whims.

Again, by itself it’s not a big enough deal for me to ring any alarm bells. The third one is.

I’m not convinced that Elon Musk is not part of the cabal of globalist elites who are driving the world towards oblivion. It’s not just his past statements in support of universal basic income, socialism, praise of the Chinese Communist Party, or his founding of a company that wants to install microchips into our brains. These are perspectives that are part of his business world and do not necessarily point to an allegiance with The New World Order.

But here’s the thing. He’s been conspicuously NOT a globalist elitist, which is exactly what the globalist elites would want from someone who is supposed to bring the “reluctant” folks in line with their plans for The Great Reset. They wouldn’t try to trap conservatives, libertarians, or America-First patriots with Klaus Schwab, Barack Obama, or George Soros. They would send in a Trojan Horse, and Elon Musk fits the bill.

Considering that all I have is speculation about their machinations and very little evidence that he may be a globalist elite shill, I would put the chances of this being the case at about 20% at this stage. But it’s a significant enough chance that it’s worth noting. Conservatives and Christians have been battered for three years. We haven’t had major victories in a long time and we really hope we can get one. Considering how well their plans have been executed surrounding the 2020 stolen election, Pandemic Panic Theater, and Ukraine-Russia, I don’t see it as a given that the Musk move isn’t part of the plan as well.

It probably isn’t. All I’m asking is that we pay close attention and not assume all is wonderful if Elon Musk takes Twitter private. Think about it from the globalists’ perspective. If they wanted to send in a Trojan Horse to indoctrinate freedom-loving people, Musk is the right guy to do it. He’s spent the last couple of years espousing his beliefs in freedom while not actually doing much about it. Twitter may be his first righteous move in this endeavor. Then again, it may be the perfect setup to give the globalist elites access to brainwashing the conservative masses.

On today’s episode of The Midnight Sentinel, I discussed this for two segments before spending the last one talking about the importance of a plan for water should the crap hit the fan.