Border Patrol

Illegal Alien Was a Tough Guy Until a Huge Border Patrol Officer Went Linebacker on Him

Being a law enforcement officer in any department or agency means putting your well-being and oftentimes life at risk. We often herald the thankless efforts of men and women in blue (except when they go over the line), but we mustn’t forget the men and women in green, also known as our understaffed, underfunded, and underappreciated border patrol officers.

The narrative from corporate media is that the masses of people flooding across the border are mostly women and children who surrender themselves peacefully to border patrol officers. What media rarely reports on is the increasing number of criminal drug and human smugglers who are taking advantage of the Biden-Harris regime’s open borders policy. These men do not want to be caught. They do not surrender peacefully.

They are dangerous. Here’s one man in the San Diego sector who wasn’t going down without a fight. As Tweeted by Congresswoman Mayra Flores:

Compared to many of the videos we’ve seen of the dangers faced by border patrol officers, this is relatively mild. The illegal alien smuggler did not appear to be armed and wasn’t very big, though he was clearly fit and willing to fight.

Of course, he didn’t see the 260 lb. officer coming from his blind side to take him down like a linebacker.

When we make our stand to #BackTheBlue, let’s not forget to #BackTheGreen as well. There’s an invasion at our border and the Biden-Harris regime refuses to address it. These brave men and women are on their own.

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