Excessive Force

Dude Gets Absolutely Pummeled by Three Cops But He’s White So No Riots Have Been Announced

UPDATE: The three officers shown in the video below have been suspended and are under investigation.

As a “Back the Blue” guy, I tend to side with police during the vast majority of altercations. Their job is one of the hardest in the world and as our leftist post-truth society tries to demonize them, I find myself defending them.

As a journalist, I know that selectively edited videos can often paint an inaccurate picture, especially when the events leading up to an altercation are omitted. We saw this in clear display with the George Floyd arrest; the 20-minutes of him physically resisting arrest added context that might have changed the perceptions of the public had it they been released early on.

With all that said, I’m not certain if there’s any context that would make me view the video below of a police beating in Crawford, Arkansas, in any light other than “excessive force.” The suspect was on the ground being controlled by three police officers. They did not appear to be in any danger. Based on this video, it seems they simply beat the tar out of him. Watch (graphic warning):

The suspect is White. If he were a “person of color” this video would be used as the predicate to burn down cities across the country as we saw following the release of the George Floyd video. Instead, nothing will come from this other than an investigation and likely repercussions for the officers involved.

Again, we have no context so there’s always a chance there’s something we don’t know. But what we can see in the video appears to be pretty clear.

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