Hypocritical WSU Athletic Director Who Fired Nick Rolovich Caught Breaking Face Mask Mandate Four Days Later

Hypocritical WSU Athletic Director Who Fired Nick Rolovich Caught Breaking Face Mask Mandate Four Days Later

When former Washington State University head football coach Nick Rolovich was fired, Athletic Director Pat Chun cited Governor Jay Inslee’s Covid-19 vaccine mandates as his reason for letting the popular coach go. Four days after firing Rolovich, Chun was seen in a crowded room without a face mask, breaking another of Inslee’s Covid-19 mandates.

Should Chun be fired? According to Jason Rantz at MyNorthwest:

In a photo posted to a Facebook page for WSU enthusiasts on October 22, Chun is seen maskless in a small room. He is surrounded by other maskless attendees. This is in violation of Inslee’s reinstituted indoor mask mandate.

This isn’t good optics for WSU. It might explain why its communications director repeatedly deflected questions about the incident, even suggesting Inslee’s office is best suited to answer questions on what allegedly occurred.

The photo was posted last Friday on the 30k+ strong Die Hard Cougs page on Facebook.

A member of the group, who was not the one to post the photo, noted in an email to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH that it was taken at last Friday’s Coaches Luncheon at WSU’s Palouse Ridge Golf Course. The event is meant to convince donors to offer more financial support to the football team as part of the Cougar Athletic Fund (CAF).

While Rantz calls it bad optics, I’ll take it a step further and call it complete and total hypocrisy. Mandates are mandates, and even though I do not support vaccine or face mask mandates, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Selectively applying punishment for defying mandates is disgusting on multiple levels, especially when we consider that Rolovich attempted to comply by applying for a legitimate religious exemption.

This demonstrates that Chun’s skills in raising money buy him a free pass that is far greater in the eyes of Washington State University than the religious and medical freedoms Rolovich should have been accorded. All of this will go a long way towards helping Rolovich win his lawsuit against the school.