WSU Head Football Coach Nick Rolovich FIRED for Not Getting Vaxxed Despite Religious Exemption

WSU Head Football Coach Nick Rolovich FIRED for Not Getting Vaxxed Despite Religious Exemption

If you thought a religious exemption would prevent everyone from getting fired from their jobs, think again. As the vaxx-nannies push to segregate society completely between the vaxxed and unvaxxed, pesky religious rights are only speed bumps, not roadblocks. The latest victim of medical discrimination comes from Washington State University where head coach Nick Rolovich and four assistants were fired today for not complying.

According to The Sun:

Rolovich, Washington State’s highest-paid employee who applied for a religious exemption from the vaccine earlier this month, is expected to be replaced with defensive coordinator Jake Dickert as the interim coach, a source told ESPN.

ESPN reported the news on Monday — the deadline for state employees to become fully vaccinated or obtain an approved medical or religious exemption.It’s hasn’t been revealed whether Rolovich’s exemption request had been denied or approved, according to the report.

The news outlet also notes that the university hasn’t offered any examples of what can be recognized as a religious exemption. Rolovich’s firing comes nearly two years after he was hired at Washington State University. He previously worked as the head coach for the Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors.

According to the New York Times, a Supreme Court judge turned down a request earlier on Monday by hundreds of Washington State Patrol troopers, corrections officers, ferry workers and other public employees. Their requests were for a temporary injunction to block Washington State Governor Jay Inslee’s vaccine mandate.

This is medical tyranny, plain and simple. The fact that there is virtually no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated people when it comes to the two most important factors for a mandate — ability to contract and to spread the disease — means this has absolutely zero to do with healthcare and everything to do with authoritarianism. The segregation of the American population is ongoing and will not stop until enough freedom-loving Americans stand up and speak out.

It doesn’t matter whether someone is vaxxed or not. The draconian measures being used against American citizens should spark outrage among anyone who still loves this country. The radical left may have their authoritarian dreams squarely pinned on vaccine mandates, but even vaccinated Americans who do not want to see anyone’s God-given rights to choose which medical procedures we undergo must stand against this tyranny.

The school is blaming Governor Jay Inslee for being “forced” to comply. While we never shy away from opportunities to blame Inslee for Washington’s woes, the fact that religious exemptions were filed means this decision lands squarely on the school, not Inslee.

“Due to the requirements set forth in Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s Proclamation 21-14.1, Nick Rolovich is no longer able to fulfill the duties as the football head coach at Washington State University,” reads a release from WSU. “In addition, four football assistant coaches, Ricky Logo, John Richardson, Craig Stutzmann and Mark Weber, are also not in compliance with the Proclamation. As a result, Washington State University has initiated the separation process based on the terms of their respective contracts, effective immediately.”

Let this be a warning to all. We have entered into a phase of American history in which all rights have been rendered secondary to the unhinged desire for universal vaccination. The only question is how long the American people will let this phase continue.